Lost Sync Ability with Google

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Lost Sync Ability with Google

Post by willk » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:53 am

I am using pro 9.1.3 on Win 7. I had one of my calendars synced to Google, 1-way Google to Vue, but it stopped syncing. I've deleted and recreated the calendar, and it acts like it is syncing, but it doesn't find any event.

I suspect the problem has to do with a change in Google owner. I've had a Google account for a long time, but never had a gmail account. I created a gmail address in the last couple of days, and that became the "owner" of the google calendar I want to sync to, so when I tried to sync, it went through the access authorization process again, and failed. That's when I deleted the existing calendar and created a new one.

This one gets through the authorization process properly, but does not pick up any events. (Other calendars which remain tied to the old username rather than the new gmail username seem to sync fine! But the one I'm recreating is the first calendar on the Google list, so maybe it is the primary calendar in some sense. Or maybe I'm going to lose sync on the rest of them.)

By the way, when I create a new calendar to synch to Google and check Synchronize with Google, it only gives me two options: two-way, or 1 way Vue to Google, that's a problem. After the calendar is created and supposedly synced, I can change it to 1 Way Google to Vue, but I want to do that from the start.

I certainly don't want to create a new calendar and sync it one-way from Vue to Google, so I choose 2-way. The effect is that Vue then creates a new calendar of that name in Google -- so I end up with TWO calendars in Goggle with the same name, one of them an empty one created by VUE -- and I still don't get anything to flow from Google to Vue.

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Re: Lost Sync Ability with Google

Post by VueSoft » Mon Oct 22, 2012 11:33 pm

Hi willk, welcome to the forums. When you create a new calendar in VueMinder that isn't synced with Google Calendar, the calendar is (correctly) assumed to not exist yet on Google Calendar. That's why the sync direction in the Calendar Properties is either 1-way VueMinder to Google or 2-way. It can't be 1-way Google to VueMinder because the calendar doesn't exist on Google Calendar. It was created locally. When you enable syncing, the calendar (correctly) gets added to Google Calendar as a new calendar, rather than overwriting an existing calendar.

You have the right idea, but you're going in the wrong direction. To add an existing Google Calendar to VueMinder, don't create a new calendar in VueMinder to enable syncing. Instead, use the "Add Google Calendar" command on the File menu. This will give you a list of all your existing Google Calendars which can be added to VueMinder. Please see the link below for more details:
http://www.vueminder.com/products/vuemi ... endar.html

Please let me know if my explanation is unclear or if you have any other questions.
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Re: Lost Sync Ability with Google

Post by willk » Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:26 am

Thanks for the quick response, I seemed to have lost my way. The first time I set up Google calendars was in the free version, which doesn't have 2-way syncing, and I probably got mixed up.

On the other hand, I did have that calendar working, and it stopped, without me changing anything in Vue.

But you're right, adding the Google calendar with that command solves my problem, sorry I couldn't quite find that myself.

Thanks for the quick help.

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