Desktop Calendar - Suggested Improvements

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Desktop Calendar - Suggested Improvements

Post by dave-user » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:32 am

Hi Dan,

I have now been using VueMinder Pro for about 18 months and I am generally very happy with its design, flexibility and reliability. However, with a busy desktop, I do find that the Desktop Calendar (Full) often occupies too much screen real estate.

What I would really like is are options to do display just the Mini Calendar, Upcoming Events List and the To Do (Task) List, each in its own floating window, and dockable with each other. You can almost do this at present, by detaching each of these items, except that the main part of the calendar is still always displayed in its own window with the controls toolbar at the top. Alternatively, you can resize the Desktop Calendar window so that the main part of the calendar is not visible, but this is a bit of a "kludge".

So I would suggest the following changes:
  • Make the controls toolbar into a separate toolbar in its own floating window. Add buttons to show/hide the other floating windows. Add another button to toggle between showing the complete toolbar or a much smaller toolbar with just the show/hide buttons and the toggle button.
  • Make the main part of the calendar (day/week/month) into a separate floating window, which can be moved by dragging its top border, and resized by dragging its side borders, similar to the other floating windows (e.g. Upcoming Events List).
  • Change the style of the Desktop Calendar (Mini) to the same style as the other floating windows. Or just use the Navigation Pane floating window instead.
  • Add an option so that when the mouse moves over a floating window, then that floating window becomes fully opaque (or possibly all of the floating windows become fully opaque).
These suggestions build on the previous comments of 'silat' (29/08/11) and 'Andre C' (11/09/12).

Regards, Dave

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Re: Desktop Calendar - Suggested Improvements

Post by VueSoft » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:13 pm

Hi Dave, thank you for the suggestions. I have these improvements on my to-do list and will let you know when they are completed.
Dan Chartrand, Founder
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