Deleted trial version, about to purchase pro ... question

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Deleted trial version, about to purchase pro ... question

Post by amyrpk » Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:26 pm

So I just had my hard drive replaced, and in the process of figuring out that it needed replacing, my fix-the-computer guy noticed that the Vueminder was "hogging the system" and "freezing" and various things that may or may not have been due to my hardware issues, but point being, he uninstalled the program, which also took a long time and froze, etc., etc., etc. (Am a very nontechnical person, so am just telling you what he was mumbling as he was doing all of this.)

Anyway, now that I have the new hard drive, I realize I can't live without the thing, so am biting the bullet to purchase the Pro version.

I've checked in my AppData and the backup file appears to be there, right where your FAQ says it should be.

The question: If I now buy the Pro version and download it, will my old backed-up data that apparently didn't uninstall with the rest of the thing be available to re-load? Will the new version overwrite it, somehow?

And the other question: Is there any sort of setting I should be using to avoid the "hogging the system" bit?

Am using a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit.

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Re: Deleted trial version, about to purchase pro ... questio

Post by VueSoft » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:10 pm

Hi amyrpk, welcome to the forums. I'm not sure what was causing the freezing behavior you were seeing previously. Uninstalling should only take around 30 seconds. Since VueMinder isn't running when it is being uninstalled, the fact you were seeing it freeze makes me suspect something else was going on, either with your hardware or Windows installation. I'm guessing you won't see these issues on a new computer or after reinstalling Windows.

After installing VueMinder, you can recover your previous data by using the "Restore Data" command on the File menu. Click the "Browse" button and then navigate to the folder where your previous data was stored. There should be a "Backup" folder. Select the latest backup file and then click the Open button. VueMinder will load the data and restart.

I hope that helps. Thank you for your interest in purchasing VueMinder Pro, and please let me know if you have any other questions.
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