The Best Free calendar I Have Seen!!!

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The Best Free calendar I Have Seen!!!

Post by Manoj » Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:32 am

And that is true. I love it. I have one suggestion that many may not agree with. I do have a newer laptop with dual core and 8 GB of memory. It is not a high end pc but good none the less. Many have experienced slower loads and a drag on their pcs while it is running.

My suggestion is to have a "Liter"version of VueMinder Lite. Yes, I am willing to sacrifice some features in order for this great piece of software to run from startup to shutdown of my pc. I am not yet sure which feature to turnoff. I am hoping there will be suggestions from others.

Also are there any plans to have a VueMinder Lite App for Windows 8?

Thanks for a great calendar. keep up the good work.

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Re: The Best Free calendar I Have Seen!!!

Post by VueSoft » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:51 pm

Hi Manoj, thank you for the feedback. Just to be clear, the Pro version is not any noticeably slower than the Lite version. It's not the features that slow things down. It's the fact that VueMinder is built on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework. If VueMinder was written in C++, it would run faster. However, VueMinder (as it is today) wouldn't be completed for another 5 years because of all the extra stuff I'd have to code that I get for free by using the .NET Framework.

All that being said, yes, I am looking at Windows 8 (I have it running right now). VueMinder runs without any problems on the traditional Windows desktop side, but that won't work for Windows 8 tablets/phones. I'm considering the development of a Metro UI version, which would basically just take the core features of the Lite version, such as Google Calendar syncing, and give it a Metro UI look-and-feel.

I've done some initial prototyping but haven't gotten much further, due to continuing development of VueMinder and iOS/Android versions that are in work.
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Re: The Best Free calendar I Have Seen!!!

Post by Manoj » Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:41 am

Thanks Dan for your reply and explanation. What I had in mind was if disabling features like color coding or tool tip notifications etc. might help speed up!

I am glad to know you are working on a Win 8 App (Metro Style). That was precisely what I was hoping for. Glad to know that it would have sync capability with Google calendar. Any thought about syncing with any other calendars?

And FYI, I have been running Vue Minder Lite on Win 8 CP without any problem (except slow load) for a while. I have just started a USB version and think that might be just as good as the desktop version.

I am not a programmer (though I am a retired IT instructor) and can not help in programming much. But if I can help in anyway please let me know. I shall be glad to test any software you want tested in a beta mode.

thanks again.

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Re: The Best Free calendar I Have Seen!!!

Post by VMUser » Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:23 am


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