Events with Images and 2-way Sync with Google Calendar

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Events with Images and 2-way Sync with Google Calendar

Post by multinaturalist » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:13 pm

Currently, it appears Google Calendar does not support images in Event descriptions. If I insert a picture locally in a VueMinder calendar event and then sync with Google, the image is not transferred to Google.

Here is one problem. If I or someone else updates an event on Google Calendar, when VueMinder syncs with it, my local image associated with the event is wiped out. Is it possible to preserve local images (and possibly other local data incompatible with Google) that are associated with the event when it syncs in the Google to local direction?

Here is another possibility. When syncing from VueMinder to Google, could it be set up so local images are uploaded to a private web space (most email accounts or web site owners have a token amount of server storage space available) and the image that I see locally could be replaced when uploaded by a link to the URL of the privately hosted image. At least in this way, images attached to an event would still be available, albeit as a non-hyperlinked URL (Google descriptions apparently don't support hyperlinks--just plain text).

Then, maybe you could offer the option of downloading such URL resources to have them appear locally in the event description. A feature like this would require some setup on the part of the user, but it wouldn't be particularly more difficult to do than setting up email and SMS messaging in VueMinder (I had a chore getting my email outgoing server information to work, but finally resolved the problem).

At the least, when local resources are going to be wiped out by a Google --> VueMinder sync is performed, we could be asked if we want to preserve the local associations.

Until Google implements image hosting on calendars (or hyperlinks in descriptions), this might give users the option of preserving images in shared Google calendars when viewing the calendar via the VueMinder interface.

(I couldn't see if Google has a premium version of Google Calendar which supports hyperlinks in descriptions)

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Re: Events with Images and 2-way Sync with Google Calendar

Post by VueSoft » Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:47 am

Hi multinaturalist, thank you for the suggestion. VueMinder saves event descriptions using formatted text (which is actually just HTML under the hood). Unfortunately, Google Calendar is limited to plain text descriptions, so this causes some conundrums when syncing. If the user changes the description in Google Calendar, the syncing code sees the change and assumes the user would want to see the same description in VueMinder. Unfortunately, this removes any additional formatting (like pictures) contained in the HTML description.

I appreciate your suggestions on how this could be addressed when dealing with pictures, but there are many other things that could be in the formatted description which aren't compatible with the non-HTML description entered in Google Calendar. I'll need to think about how to best solve this for all cases. Maybe there's something I could do on the Google Calendar side, maybe with a Gadget or some Lab code that would allow HTML descriptions with pictures.
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