How to assign categories to events

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Re: How to assign categories to events

Post by VueSoft » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:09 pm

As promised, this has been improved in version 5.0.0, which was released today. Events categories can now be assigned, and will be preserved when "sharing" calendars or importing/exporting. VueMinder also goes one step further, allowing multiple categories to be quickly assigned, and adding a category editor window where categories can be created, renamed, or deleted. When deleting or renaming categories, any events associated with the affected categories will be automatically updated. The event list has also been enhanced with a Category column, allowing sorting and filtering of events based on assigned category. Check it out, I hope you'll like it!

If you notice above, I put sharing in quotes. I still have some work to do to preserve any other unrecognized data in a shared ICS file, when that file is being shared with other applications. This will require some redesign, and will take more time to implement. If you're only sharing events, or if you're sharing between instances of VueMinder and not other applications, then this isn't an issue. However, it's still something I intend to improve. Thanks again for the feedback.
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