VueMinder sync with Google reminder issue

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VueMinder sync with Google reminder issue

Post by burnr » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:03 pm

Just purchased the portable version and have "wasted" a day and a half at work setting this thing up. :D It is working nearly perfectly and I really like the app. I love playing and exploring with program settings and such of new software.

I have read another post similar to the issue I'm having, however I continue to not be able to get the Google calendar to set an email reminder.

Neither my work laptop (XP SP3) or my home laptop (Win 7 64 bit) can get the local cal to set an email reminder on the Google cal. Everything else seems to be working perfectly.

When I set a new event on the local machine, which includes an email reminder, after syncing the Google cal. registers the new event, but it does not have a reminder set.

I'm likely doing something wrong and I'm struggling figuring it out. I know you're busy with greater issues and I'm in no great rush to get this sorted out. When you have time to give some suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Other than this minor issue, I'm loving the calendar and what it's capable of doing. You've got something here to be proud of, and by the way...the web site is very nicely developed.

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Re: VueMinder sync with Google reminder issue

Post by VueSoft » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:34 pm

Hi burnr, welcome to the forums and thanks for the feedback. :D

The problem you're seeing with email reminders not syncing between VueMinder and Google Calendar is actually intentional. The reason is because if both VueMinder and Google Calendar are scheduled to send an email reminder for an event, then you'll get duplicate reminders. To avoid this, only the popup and desktop alert reminder types will sync with Google Calendar.

I'm planning to improve this, maybe with an option for the default reminder type when syncing to Google Calendar. Currently, the default is always a popup reminder. If the default were adjustable and changed to be an email reminder, then you could schedule a popup reminder (or desktop alert) in VueMinder and have it processed by Google Calendar as an email reminder.

I'll let you know when this improvement is available. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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Re: VueMinder sync with Google reminder issue

Post by burnr » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:10 pm

Ahhhh that makes sense. Wish I would have asked sooner, maybe would have saved a couple of new gray hairs from being added to the already abundant crop. :D

Thank you for the quick reply.

I had thought about the multiple email potential as I plan to be running VueMinder on all 3 of my laptops. One I travel with, one on my night stand and one on a home desk. I need to be near a laptop at all times. Bit of a nerd :geek:

Also my wife and I both use Blackberries that sync with Google, so finding VueMinder has been a huge deal for me. I plan to have the email settings be blank on two of the laptops to keep those machines from sending reminders.

I look forward to the enhancements as you release them. Great job...keep it up.

BTW...I'm only 2 hours north of St. Louis...Shelbina...small world. :D

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