Desktop Calendar Appearance Themes

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Desktop Calendar Appearance Themes

Post by dave-user » Mon May 09, 2011 5:16 am

Hi Dan,

I think there is a problem with Appearance Themes for the Desktop Calendar.

I have selected the "VueMinder.isl" theme which I assume is meant to make the Desktop calendar look the same as the views in the main calendar window. In the main calendar window, in the Week view, just below the day/date column titles, there is an area where all-day events are shown, which has a grey background. However, in the Desktop Calendar, in the Week view, this all-day event area has a black background.

This mis-match of colors does not happen in the Day view - both the main calendar window and the Desktop Calendar show the all-day event area with a grey background.

Other Desktop Calendar themes (such as "SweetPear.isl") also have different background colors for the all-day event area between the Week and Day views.

One question, using the "VueMinder.isl" theme, at the botttom of the Desktop Calendar there is a horizontal bar which shows "Ready" followed by a grey horizontal box (which is a little ugly). I assume this is a status bar, but what would be displayed in the grey horizontal box?

Regards, Dave

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Re: Desktop Calendar Appearance Themes

Post by VueSoft » Tue May 10, 2011 11:16 pm

Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback. I've corrected these visual problems in the desktop calendar when using a non-default theme. The corrections will be in 8.2.0.
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