Sharing Problems

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Sharing Problems

Post by skmiller94 » Fri May 06, 2011 3:14 pm

I am using the 60 day trial version of 8.1.3 and have some strange problems with calendar sharing.

Here is a quick background. Three PCs in the house - wife's, daughter's and mine. Currently using Sunbird/Lightning. We each have a shared calendar, plus there are calendars for Family, School and Other. Shared calendars are .ics files on a linux server and sharing is via webdav. Works fine, but Lightning performance has been poor and it lack many features.

I found VueMinder and it has much of what I want. installed trial version on all 3 PCs. On my PC, I created new empty calendars for Family, School, Other and my calendars. Set up a calendar for wife on her PC and same for daughter. Then used "Import" to load calendars from .ics files. This seemed to work. Finally, shared all calendars with everyone else as contributors. The "Other" calendar was only shared with my wife as contributor.

I created one folder (directory) on my Linux server for all shared calendars. I run Samba on the server to make the folder accessible as a Windows Share. All three of us have full permissions to the folder.

Here is some of what i am seeing.

Many of the events on the Other calendar are recurring. None of the recurring events show up on the wife's PC. However, I created a 'Test' event on my PC in Other, and shortly after, it showed up on my wife's. I then created a 'Test' event on her PC (she is a contributor). It shows under 'Other' on hers, but never has shown on mine (even after reboots).

A recurring event on the Family calendar (I am owner) ran from September thru end of May. It showed on all three PCs. Wife and daughter showed correctly thru end of May, but my PC only showed thru end of April. After reboot, it showed correctly. But concerned why it would not show.

Daughter entered an event to her calendar. it appeared on wife and my PC as expected. However, she also entered event into School calendar (I am owner). It appears on her PC, but never showed on wife or my PC.

Finally, strangest of all. Two school events - Christmas break and Spring break - are one week non-recurring events in December 2010 and March 2011. Though past events now, they still show correctly on wife and daughter's PC. On mine (and I am calendar owner), the events now show as one-day recurring events starting years ago (Spring Break 'starts' 4/6/2007) and repeating until 12/31/9998. Yes - 9998! I have made no changes to these events at all. Even after a reboot they still show this.

I see there is a new beta version out. But some of what I am seeing, I have not seen listed in other forum posts. Can the '.ldb' Access locking file be a problem on a Samba shared drive? I would not think so as I have written other programs that use the shares with no issues.

I really want to have this work as I like all the features I see in VueMinder, but sharing of several calendars locally is a must.

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Re: Sharing Problems

Post by VueSoft » Sat May 07, 2011 12:54 am

Hi skmiller94, welcome to the forums. There are some known problems with calendar sharing in 8.1.3. It sounds like you're encountering some of those known problems. Calendar sharing in 8.1.3 has been totally redesigned (on the back end) to use a SQL database instead of MS Access.

Assuming you can get SQL Server correctly running and communicating with your other computers, you should find calendar sharing works flawlessly in the beta. I've been testing it for a week, intentionally trying to make it break, and it has been rock solid. I'd suggest trying the beta to see if it fixes the problems you're seeing in 8.1.3. If you still see problems, please let me know.
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