Time not right after switch to DST

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Time not right after switch to DST

Post by cliv » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:00 pm

After the switch to daylight savings time, the events in VueMinder were still right, but out on Google Calendar, they were all off by an hour. I assume they are synched as GMT and so VueMinder was adding 6 hours (I'm Central Time) and now needs to add 5 hours. In retrospect, this probably could have been remedied by forcing a sync (if possible) since the last sync was on the 11th. When I had problems with syncing before, I was not convinced that "Sync Now" actually caused anything to sync that VueMinder thought had not been changed since the last sync. I could have tried turning sync off, closing VueMinder, and turning sync on, but I didn't think of that. Instead, I turned off sync, deleted the calendar on Google Calendar, closed VueMinder, restarted VueMinder, re-enabled sync. It now has the right times, but for all of the repeating events, only the past ones (which have been dismissed) show up and any repeats in the future are missing. Maybe the fact that the original occurrence is dismissed?

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Re: Time not right after switch to DST

Post by VueSoft » Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:13 pm

Hi cliv, could you clarify? Are the future recurring events not appearing in VueMinder, Google Calendar, or both? Could you try deleting and re-creating the recurring event, to see if that clears it up?
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