VueMinder Calendar Pro 8.1.0 Beta

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VueMinder Calendar Pro 8.1.0 Beta

Post by VueSoft » Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:49 am

A beta release of VueMinder Calendar Pro 8.1.0 is available for download here.

Before installing, first ensure the current version isn't running by right-clicking its icon in the task tray and selecting "Exit". Also, if you received a free license from, please be aware that installing this beta will convert your installation to a 60-day trial, since the version you installed can't be updated without resetting its license.

Unless any major problems are found, this release should become official by January 23. If you try the beta and find any problems, please send the details to, so a correction can be made before the release becomes official.

This beta contains the following improvements and corrections:
  • Added the ability to specify an exact date and time for when a popup reminder or desktop alert should appear. The specified time can be before or after the event or task starting time.
  • Added the ability to import events from vCalendar (VCS) files.
  • Added the ability to separate dates and times into their own columns when exporting to Excel and CSV, instead of exporting these values as a single column. Also improved importing to handle the case where date and time values are not combined into a single column.
  • Added an option to the Outlook sync settings to perform the sync manually instead of automatically at a specified frequency. This will eliminate the constant Outlook security messages that occur on some computers.
  • Added Previous and Next buttons to the bottom of the Details pane, for navigating between displayed events, tasks, and notes.
  • Improved the menu bar at the top of the Event, Task, Note, and Contact Editor windows. The button text is now larger, making it more intuitive where to click in order to save changes.
  • Improved the print header to show the previous month as well as the next month.
  • Improved event blocks in the Day and Week views to show more text in smaller blocks by removing the blank space between event titles and locations.
  • Improved the drop-down list of event and task starting times to include additional values, like 45 minutes. Any value can be typed into the field using the keyboard, but selecting from the drop-down list can be faster.
  • Improved the Calendar Properties window to disable tabs instead of hiding them. Hovering the mouse over a tab will present a tooltip explaining why the tab is disabled. For example, when a calendar is synced with Google Calendar, the Subscribe and Publish tabs will be disabled and a reason shown.
  • Improved opening of events belonging to recurring series. Hold the Alt key while double-clicking an event to open just that occurrence. The window asking to open the occurrence or series will not be shown.
  • Corrected stability problems and other odd behavior. If you've noticed events disappearing, reminders not being processed, events not opening, red X's in the Month view, or other strange behavior, this version should fix it.
  • Corrected exiting of the program, where it would sometimes crash or hang and need to be killed via the Task Manager.
  • Corrected problems with reminders sometimes disappearing from the popup reminder window.
  • Corrected the color of desktop alerts for recurring events, when the mouse is moved over the desktop alert. Previously, the desktop alert background and text colors would be lost, making the reminder text impossible to see.
  • Corrected the opening of events from the popup reminder window or desktop alert. Sometimes, the event would indicate it belongs to an unassigned calendar and any changes would not be saved.
  • Corrected handling of reminders for events that belong to calendars that sync 1-way from Google Calendar. The reminders would sometimes disappear from the popup reminder window, without snooze or dismiss being commanded.
  • Corrected a problem where reminders for shared events would sometimes not appear on other computers that are viewing the shared calendar.
  • Corrected reassigning an event from one shared calendar to another, so the change will correctly propagate to the shared calendars on other computers.
  • Corrected reassigning an event from one calendar that syncs with Google Calendar to another. Google Calendar was not refreshing to show the new calendar assignment.
  • Corrected sync problems when an event is reassigned from one calendar to another from within Google Calendar.
  • Corrected creation of all-day events that span multiple days. Sometimes, the created event would only appear on the first date instead of the specified range of dates.
  • Corrected a problem when marking an occurence of a recurring series as completed while in the Event List with "All dates" displayed. All events in the series would sometimes become marked as completed instead of the selected occurrence.
  • Corrected a problem with duplicate tasks sometimes appearing numerous times in the Task List on the Desktop Calendar.
  • Corrected the drop-down category list in the Event, Task, and Note Editor to not show categories that have been removed.
  • Corrected problems printing the List layout style when the date range field is set to "A range of dates". The printed output was not including all events within the specified date range.
  • Corrected exporting to Excel, where the initial date range used by the export would sometimes not match the initial date range shown in the Event, Task, or Note list. This would result in the exported list missing expected rows.
  • Corrected printing of the Monthly layout style when low detail is selected, so event and task starting times will be shown.
  • Corrected the Details pane. It was showing HTML code in some cases.
  • Corrected sorting of rows in the Recent Reminders window. When sorting by the Start/Due column, the rows will now be sorted in chronological order instead of alphabetically.
  • Corrected the event count reported when hovering the mouse over a calendar name to match the value reported in the status bar. The values would sometimes be different in shared calendars or calendars that sync with Google Calendar.
  • Corrected the text displayed when hovering over a date in the Navigation Pane or Year View, to not indicate previously deleted events are hidden.
  • Corrected the Configuration Wizard to appear after the main window is visible, so selecting the window layout settings will provide a real-time preview of the layouts.
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