12 hour clock

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12 hour clock

Post by IanHooker » Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:40 pm

I am trialling VueMinder Pro for home use. My wife wanted a 12 hour clock displayed (rather then 24 hour). I raised a support request asking how I could do this. The answer I received was just what I needed.

The reply was:- VueMinder can show times using a 12 hour clock, but it will require a change to the time format via the Windows Control Panel. I.e. it is a Windows option rather than a VueMinder one.

The change is done through the Clock, Language, and Region tab on Windows 7 and a similar tab on Vista and XP. The times (long and short) should be set to “h:mm tt" or similar. You also need to stop and start Vueminder!

I've added this to the forum so any other "newbies" can sort it out without having to raise a tech suport query.

I hope it helps!!

P.s. VueMinder support is second to none!!