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Home Networking

Post by Karen » Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:37 pm

Hello again,

I would like to know how to setup VueMinder to use on my home network. Will it sync with the other computers on my home network? Can I work offline and have it sync when I reconnect to the network?

Thanks in advance!

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Dan Chartrand
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Re: Home Networking

Post by VueSoft » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:42 pm

Yes, VueMinder can sync with other computers on your home network, and yes, you can work offline and have it automatically sync when a connection is detected.

The key to making this work is to have all your computers in the same workgroup, and to have file sharing enabled. There's tons of information out there on how to set this up, so I'm going to assume you already know how to do that, and have shared folders defined on each computer that all your other computers have access to.

You may have seen features VueMinder named Publish and Subscribe. While at first glance it may appear these are only intended for sharing over the web, this is not the case. You can also publish and subscribe locally, using shared folders.

To make a calendar on one computer visible to another computer, right click the Calendar name in the Calendar List and select the "Publish Calendar" option. Click the "Publish this calendar" checkbox, and then browse to a shared folder by clicking the "..." button in the location's text field. Enter a file name, and then click OK. You can ignore the Authentication controls, since those are only used when publishing to a secure web server. You can choose to have the calendar automatically publish every time a change is made, or daily at a set time. You can also choose to publish reminder settings, so reminders will also popup and process on other computers.

After you've set up your calendars to publish, the next step is to subscribe to those calendars from the other computers. From the Share menu, select the "New Calendar Subscription" command. Browse to the shared folder (on the other computer) where you're publishing your calendar. Again, ignore the Authentication settings. You can pick an update frequency to sync, and if you're publishing reminder settings, you can choose the "Include reminders" setting to see reminders as well.

Note that any changes made to a subscribed calendar will be lost the next time the calendar is published and the subscription updated. This is because the computer publishing the calendar won't see changes made to the calendar on other computers. Think of the subscribed calendar as being read-only, although VueMinder will still allow you to make changes (with a warning that the changes will be lost).

However, you can achieve bi-directional calendar sharing by both publishing AND subscribing the same calendar. This allows one or more computers both read and write access to a common calendar. VueMinder will synchronize changes to the calendar between all the computers that are publishing and subscribing to that calendar. For this to work properly, the publish and subscribe locations for the calendar need to be set to the same shared file location, on all computers. It's also a good idea to synchronize the calendar (from the Share menu, select Sync, or press F5) prior to making changes. This will ensure you're modifying the latest version, in case changes on other computers were made since the last time the calendar was synchronized locally.

When VueMinder performs automatic updates to subscribed calendars, it will display a message if the remote calendar can't be found (as is the case when the computer publishing the calendar is offline). It will try subscribing again at a later time. To avoid seeing the message a lot, use an update frequency of "Every Day" instead of "Every 15 Minutes". You can also manually command all calendars to be synchronized on a computer (both published and subscribed) by selecting the Sync All command from the Share menu.

Hopefully that all makes sense and you're able to set up your network. This is one of the more complex features of VueMinder, and will soon have a detailed section in the FAQ. If you still have questions, please let me know.
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