When Windows starts, VueMinder runs Chrome to connect to gmail.

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When Windows starts, VueMinder runs Chrome to connect to gmail.

Post by Khayyam » Fri Dec 18, 2020 1:29 am


Since three days ago, when I turn on my PC, the Chrome browser runs at startup time and shows a login page because VueMinder makes it! This annoying while I have a weak computer and I don't know why this issue happens since three days ago and before that; everything was good and VueMinder didn't need to reconnect to Gmail. I use the Ultimate version on Windows 10 x64.
Every time the Chrome browser runs, I should give permission to VueMinder, but If I don't, VueMinder still works well without any problem. I don't want to run Chrome every time I run Windows and see the login page for VueMinder. Why this happens and how to fix it?



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Re: When Windows starts, VueMinder runs Chrome to connect to gmail.

Post by VueSoft » Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:30 pm

Hi Khayyam, it sounds like VueMinder has been configured (by you) to sync with Google Calendar or Google Contacts. If you no longer want to sync VueMinder with Google, please open the Calendar Properties of each of your calendars and make sure the “Sync with Google Calendar” box is unchecked on the “Sync” tab. You can open the Calendar Properties by double-clicking the calendar name in the list of calendars. Make sure to do this for all your calendars, not just one of them. Also, click the “Share -> Google Contact Sync” menu and make sure the box to automatically sync with Google Contacts is unchecked.

If you still want to sync VueMinder with Google, and you've already given permission but the window asking for permission still appears every time you start VueMinder, then please try the instructions in the FAQ under "My calendars aren't syncing with Google Calendar".

Does that fix it?
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