Had to disable Vueminder Pro from startup items

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Had to disable Vueminder Pro from startup items

Post by VickiB » Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:58 pm

I discovered when I allow Vueminder Pro to load on startup the same time that Outlook 2019 does it causes a problem. I will send you the screen shot I saved via email, as I cannot include it here. When VMP loads at same time as Outlook 2019, for some reason Outlook says a program is trying to access email address information from Outlook. They appear to be linked together. I suppose Outlook thinks VMP is trying to access email addresses, when it's only synchronizing with the calendar. How strange.

To solve the problem I went into startup items in Task Manager and disabled VMP from automatically loading on startup. I shut down the computer and then turned it on. The pop-up did not appear after Outlook automatically loaded on startup this evening. I am hoping any new entries I make in the future will appear on both calendars without VMP automatically loading.

Maybe if I can ever update VMP for 2019, this may fix this problem and I can try to have VMP load at startup again. I won't know until I try again after update. Please check my reply to your email for screenshots.

Have a nice evening, Dan.


I am sorry about not including screenshots. It appears in earlier posts I could remember how to do it. I have now forgotten how to.