How to View Vbackup Files

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How to View Vbackup Files

Post by A Room with a Vue » Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:36 pm

I need to check how and when a reservation was changed about a week ago for a particular calendar. I have several .vbackup files from both before and after the reservation date. Is there a safe way to view the contents of the .vbackup files without affecting my current calendar?

I don't want or need to restore the backup, I simply want to see what this reservation looked like during a period of a few days around the reservation date.

If it helps, I am familiar with the syntax of most .ICS files, and in the past have searched those files for similar information.
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Re: How to View Vbackup Files

Post by VueSoft » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:57 pm

I know you said you don't want to restore the backup, but there's no other way to view its data. The data isn't saved using the ICS format.

To view the content of a backup file, first back up your current date using the "File -> Backup Data" menu command. After backing up your current data, use the "File -> Restore Data" to restore the backup you'd like to see. When you're done, use the "File -> Restore Data" menu command to restore your current data.
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