More (new) Outlook Exchange sync problems

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More (new) Outlook Exchange sync problems

Post by dbrn » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:35 pm

Hi Dan,

I have the latest version of VM Ultimate in a 2-way sync with my university's Exchange server. Anything I put into VM syncs successfully into Outlook. Any meeting invitations sent through Outlook to me by others also sync successfully into VM. However, Appointments and Meetings that I create myself in Outlook do not sync into VM at all.

Can you suggest anything to fix this?



EDIT: Sorry, I just realised: It's possible that VM is set to sync with my Local Outlook Calendar, not the Exchange server. I'm not sure how to tell, but the Sync tab in the Calendar Properties window says 'Outlook Sync Settings', if that's any help. But whatever VM is syncing with, this is still a problem!