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Custom colors

Post by youloveben » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:44 pm

I have one calendar under "My Calendars" that is a shared calendar between myself and my studio partner. Two people inputting events into one calendar that's shared via Google calendar; pretty simple stuff.

Everything works great, but I would love to find out if there are any ways to modify the colors of that one calendar based on, say... text variables (if new event contains "BJG", then display a lighter color; if new event contains "PKD", then display a darker color) or perhaps based on which user submits a new event, etc.

I understand that I could create multiple calendars to achieve this, but the goal is to have one shareable calendar that shows the availability of our studio publicly (which again, is working just fine) and yet is visually less cluttered due to slight variations in color based on who is using the studio during said event.

That way, the shared calendar is uncomplicated both visually and logistically. So far it's logistically sound, just visually cluttered.

Is Vueminder limited to just one color per calendar, or do you have any suggestions for me to try out?

Thanks for your help! :D

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Re: Custom colors

Post by VueSoft » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:56 pm

Hi youloveben, welcome to the forums. VueMinder can colors events based on category. Instead of putting special words in the event titles, you can define categories and category colors via the Tools menu. ... ditor.html

To switch VueMinder into coloring based on category, click the "View -> Color Events Using -> Category Colors" menu command. You can use the "Category" field on the Event Editor to select the desired category for an event. You can also right-click events and select the desired category from the "Categorize" submenu.

The category colors are saved locally and don't sync through Google Calendar. To get the same categories on your other computer(s), follow these steps:
1. Open the Program Options.
2. Click the folder button on the right side of the "Data folder" field. The data folder will open in Window Explorer.
3. Exit VueMinder by using the "File -> Exit" menu command.
4. Copy the "Categories.xml" file to a location you can access on your other computers.
5. On your other computers, repeat steps 2 and 3.
6. Replace the "Categories.xml" file with the file copied in step 4.
7. Restart VueMinder.
8. Click "View -> Color Events Using -> Category Colors". The events should have the same colors as your other computer after any re-categorized events sync.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Dan Chartrand, Founder
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