Google sync issues

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Google sync issues

Post by apelec » Tue May 17, 2016 4:48 am

VM looses focus and wait for ever if one does not login onto Google. As I closed the browser, Ihad no option but to terminate the windows process. If it is set to auto sync, there is no way back, one has to login.

I gave in and login to find that I had two VueMinder calendars with the same name. So I decided to remove them both from Google and re-sync.

Alas now It does not sync at all, no calendar no contacts. Google shows VUeMinder has calendar and contact access permission.

VM says Last synced: Never which is clearly not true

Sync settings are: 2-way, all boxes ticked.

How do I recover from this situation?


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Re: Google sync issues

Post by VueSoft » Tue May 17, 2016 11:04 pm

If you delete a calendar from your Google account which VueMinder was previously configured to sync with, VueMinder will no longer be able to sync with that calendar.

If you have existing events in VueMinder you'd like added back to your Google calendar, then please follow these steps:
1. In VueMinder, open the Calendar Properties of the calendar that was originally configured to sync with Google Calendar.
2. Click the Sync tab.
3. Check the "Do not sync" button.
4. Click OK. The connection to the deleted Google calendar will be severed.
5. Re-open the Calendar Properties.
6. Click the Sync tab.
7. Check the box labeled "Sync with Google Calendar" and make sure the sync direction is set to 2-way.
8. Click OK. The calendar will upload to your Google account. It will be added as a new calendar in your account's calendar list. You might need to reload the Google Calendar webpage in order to see the calendar.

If all your events are still on Google Calendar (despite having deleted your calendar), you can configure VueMinder to sync with the correct calendar. Here's how:
1. In VueMinder, right-click the calendar that isn't properly syncing and select "Delete Calendar".
2. Click "File -> Add Calendar -> Add Google Calendar".
3. Select the calendar you'd like to sync with VueMinder and then click the "Add Calendar" button.
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Re: Google sync issues

Post by apelec » Wed May 18, 2016 5:58 am

That has worked very nicely, many thanks :)

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