Google Calender not Syncing in Pro Trial version

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Google Calender not Syncing in Pro Trial version

Post by kolfers » Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:57 pm


I just installed the Pro Trial version and am trying to get my Google calendars to sync. The calendars do show up, but stay empty (0 events) also after pressing the sync button.

I tried the steps as explained in the FAQ but they do not solve the problem.

I'm running Windows 8.1, and am using a Google account with a 2-factor authorization.

I made sure that:
- Vueminder has an exception in the Firewall
- All the Labs are disabled in my google calendar
- Latest .Net framework is installed
- Rebooted

So far without any effect. Do you have any other suggestions? Could it be the 2-factor authorization, if so that would be a shame, because I'm definitely not turning that off.



So I just tried it with a backup Google account I had without 2-factor authorization, and that works fine. So I guess that's where the problem lies..

I've installed the pro trial client on a second machine (also Windows 8.1), and now I cannot get either the original or the backup google account (without 2-factor authorization) to work here. So either it's not the 2-factor thing that is the problem, ór I cannot have 2 vueminder clients to sync with the same google account?

After digging around some more in the forum I found a workaround that fixed it.
- What did NOT help: turning of firewall completely during either adding of google account or syncing of a calender.
- What DID work: first installing the old version of ... 10.1.9.exe, authorizing the google account the manual way (copy-pasting authorization code), adding all the relevant calendars, then updating VueMinder to the newest version. This worked for both account with and without 2-factor authorization. I strongly suggest you either add this *old* authorization method back into the newer versions ór at the very least add this workaround to the troubleshoot instructions, so the next person won't have to spend hours trying to figure this out :)

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Re: Google Calender not Syncing in Pro Trial version

Post by VueSoft » Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:21 am

Hi Kerwin, thank you for the information. I'm not sure why the new authentication method didn't work in your case, but I'll investigate further and will see about restoring the old authentication method as a fall-back.
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