Sharing my calendar through Facebook etc..

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Sharing my calendar through Facebook etc..

Post by gazumped » Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:01 pm

Hi all

New user here so please excuse dumb and newbie questions - I'm currently running another calendar in Teamup (sorry) which is an events calendar posted to an i-frame on a group page on Facebook. I also have that group on G+, Pinterest etc. My data is in Excel and I want to add it to the events calendar as well as VM, which is where my daily tasks and meetings are. Seems very dumb to import it twice (and I thought of importing once and exporting an iCal file and then moving that to the other calendar, but that's a pain too...)

Anyone have any experience of managing anything similar with VueMinder? I want to publish my events calendar as widely as possible. Any thoughts gratefully received!

My Os's are Windows and Android if that helps...


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Re: Sharing my calendar through Facebook etc..

Post by VueSoft » Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:38 pm

Hi Gaz, you can configure VueMinder to automatically publish iCalendar files. When you import events from Excel into a calendar that is configured to be published, the calendar will automatically publish the newly imported events.

You can publish the calendar to an iCalendar host, such as, your own FTP server, or a file location on your computer. Depending on the other services you use, you might be able to subscribe to the calendar or view it in an iframe. See the documentation linked below for more information (Note, the publish settings are now on the "Sync" tab of the Calendar Properties window). ... ml#publish

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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