Can't copy and paste into description.

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Can't copy and paste into description.

Post by Langsey » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:05 pm

On my main computer I can't copy and paste into description on the event window. For example I highlight the reservation info from a hotel. I right click and click copy. I then go to the event calendar and click in the description section I then right click and click paste. Nothing happens. I am able to do this on my laptop. I am also have syncing problems between laptop and desktop. I am able to sync to google from laptop and not from google to desktop. Would uninstalling and reinstalling Vueminder Pro cure the problem. Thanks in advance. John

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Re: Can't copy and paste into description.

Post by VueSoft » Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:15 am

Hi Langsey, I'm not sure why you're unable to paste into the description editor. This isn't a problem I've been able to duplicate. Have you tried rebooting?

If rebooting doesn't fix it, try pasting as plain text using the "Paste as Plain Text" button on the description editor's toolbar. If that doesn't work either, open Notepad and paste into Notepad. If the text can't be pasted into Notepad, then the problem most likely has something to do with either your Windows installation or the web browser you're using. Otherwise, after pasting, copy the text from Notepad and then try pasting it into the description editor in VueMinder.

As for VueMinder not syncing with Google Calendar on your desktop, try the steps in the "My calendars aren't syncing with Google Calendar" section of the FAQ, linked below:
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