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Post by se1961 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:07 am


I am using the trial version of Vueminder Pro, and just loving it. The one thing I'm struggling with is a simple print out-- I would like to print a list of the meals I have planned for the upcoming week. At the moment, the best option is "Details" which prints the date and the name of the recipe underneath. The only problem is, the date is HUGE and the recipe is tiny, plus the recipe, an all day event, has a time slot of 12 am - 11:59 pm. Shouldn't an All Day Event just default to NO start/end times? (Further complicating the issue, if I untick "use date header" in the tri-fold print template, the date header disappears from the "Details" template, giving me a list of 12a-11:59p events with no date at all.)

What I want seems both simple and (to me, obviously) logical: an event font size that better matches the date header font size, and for all day events to have no start/end times. My personal preference would be for all fonts to be about the size of the title font, or, even better, to have a "use font" tick box similar to the tick box on other templates that allows everyone to choose the font size they prefer.

I have done so much reading trying to fix this problem, and realize the standard answer is "buy Printable Cal" but I just can't feature buying ANOTHER program just to print one simple list. Might you be able to help, either by fixing some of the formatting challenges of this template, or pointing me to the configuration file for the "details" template so I can fiddle with it myself?

In all other ways this program is perfect. Thank you for it. :)

How Details View Looks....
How Details View Looks....
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Re: Print Help

Post by VueSoft » Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:59 am

Hi Shelley, welcome to the forums and thank you for the feedback. The Details template looks better when each day has a lot of events. I agree it looks a bit strange having the large date headers when only a single event is defined for each date. I'll fix this in a future release. Unfortunately, there's no mechanism within VueMinder to customize the templates that are used for printing (another reason to use PrintableCal for printing ;)).

If you don't want to use PrintableCal, then my suggestion would be to use the "List" template style instead. First, switch to the Events tab on the main window. Right-click the columns that you don't need to see in the printout and uncheck the column names to hide them. This will help the list fit better when printing. You can also adjust the column widths as needed. Next, use the Print Preview command on the File menu. Change the print style to "List" and the content to "Events". You should see a nicely formatted list, depending on how you configured the columns on the Events tab.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions, and thank you for trying VueMinder.
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