Tasks from Google Calendar import with wrong date/time

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Tasks from Google Calendar import with wrong date/time

Post by fishyfish » Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:00 am

I think I may have found a bug. When I create a task in google calendar, when it is imported to VueMinder, it shows up on the day before it is supposed to be on, and at 11pm. This happens for every task that is imported. I just noticed this after I created about 20 tasks in my google calendar; they are all showing up on the day before at 11pm.

The strangest thing is, in the task details, the "start" is "on date" and the date is the day before it should be, and the "end" is also "on date" but the day it IS supposed to be on. But on the calendar itself it shows up only on te day before, and at 11pm.

Is this a known bug? Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix, or do I have to change everything manually in VueMinder?

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Re: Tasks from Google Calendar import with wrong date/time

Post by VueSoft » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:31 am

It sounds like there's an inconsistency in the time zone between Google Calendar and Windows. Please try these steps:

1. On the Google Calendar web page, click the drop-down arrow next to "My calendars".
2. Click "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
3. On the Settings page, click the "General" tab.
4. Adjust the "Your current time zone" field if needed.
5. Click the Save button.
6. In Windows, open the date/time settings and verify the same time zone specified in Google Calendar is also specified in Windows. Look closely because the time difference could be due to one time zone using Daylight Savings and the other not.
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