Event duplicates itself when I change the calendar it's on.

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Event duplicates itself when I change the calendar it's on.

Post by FreedomTaxed » Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:41 am

We use VMU in the office at the receptionist's desk. She created a calendar for each person taking appointments. Often, we have to change one of the appointments from one professional (i.e. calendar) to another, in managing office workload. When we do so, using the drop-down arrow to select the other calendar that the event will be in, it makes the change (i.e. the existing appointment is assigned to another professional), then the original event appears at the side of it (i.e. the existing appointment remains assigned to the original professional) in the day view.

This is unexpected and unwanted application behavior. Why does an event duplicate itself once you try to move it to another calendar (i.e. re-assign it)? I don't want to 'copy' it; I want to 'move' it. The event is an appointment and it represents one person meeting another.

(Sorry if this seems pedantic; I only trying to be clear without using screenshots.)

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Re: Event duplicates itself when I change the calendar it's

Post by VueSoft » Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:30 am

Hi FreedomTaxed, assigning the event should not cause it to be duplicated. I'm not seeing this happen in my testing.

Instead of reassigning the event to a different calendar, use these steps:
1. Copy the event using Ctrl+C.
2. Set the desired destination calendar as the default, either by clicking its name in the calendar list or selecting its name from the "Default calendar" drop-down.
3. Paste the event using Ctrl+V. The pasted event will be assigned to whatever calendar was selected in step 2.
4. Delete the original event.
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