Google not syncing automatically

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Google not syncing automatically

Post by pgrimpo » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:03 pm

I have my Google Calendar preferences set to Sync Automatically. However, my desktop calendar is never in sync with items added at Google, or on my phone, etc. and only works if I manually hit the Sync button. Does anyone know how I can fix this so it syncs automatically again?

Thank you!

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Re: Google not syncing automatically

Post by VueSoft » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:49 pm

Hi pgrimpo, are you using VueMinder Pro or Ultimate? If so, syncing should automatically happen within 30 seconds of any changes being made.

If you make a change but it never automatically syncs, then it's possible your computer's clock needs to be set using an internet time server. VueMinder will attempt to connect to an internet time server (so VueMinder can determine when to sync and which changes to sync), but if something goes wrong and VueMinder is unable to connect to an internet time server then your local system time will be used instead. Any inaccuracies in your system clock could result in auto-syncing not working as expected.

It's also possible deleting and re-adding the calendar will fix the problem. To delete the calendar, right-click its name and select "Delete Calendar". Re-add the calendar using the "Add Google Calendar" command on the File menu.
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