Categories won't stick

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Categories won't stick

Post by waasta » Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:57 pm

So I have just downloaded VueMinder (it seems like it will solve all of my calendar problems) and then I ran into a HUGE problem. For whatever reason, it deletes the categories assigned to events, both on a subscribed calendar and local calendars. Running Windows 8. This will be a deal breaker for me if it can't be fixed.


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Re: Categories won't stick

Post by VueSoft » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:47 pm

Hi Byron, welcome to the forums. When VueMinder is subscribed to a calendar, this includes category information. VueMinder will update its local events to match the categories defined in the remote calendar. If you assign events to different categories in VueMinder, that change will be overwritten the next time the calendar syncs so the local calendar is an exact replica of the remote calendar, categories included. This is by design and the intended behavior.

If you have control over the subscribed calendar, you could configure VueMinder to publish changes back to the remote calendar. In other words, the calendar would be both published and subscribed. When an event is assigned to a different category, VueMinder will publish this change back to the remote calendar so the change won't be overwritten then next time the subscription is updated.

If you don't control the remote calendar, and you're dead set on being able to change which categories events are associated with, even if that means the events no longer match the remote source, then the only solution would be to disable the subscription. This can be done on the "Subscribe" tab of the Calendar Properties. Uncheck the box for subscribing to a remote calendar. The calendar will be converted to a local calendar and you can re-categorize events to your heart's content.

Changes to categories of local (non-subscribed) events should NOT be lost. I'm not sure why you're seeing that happen. Can you please double-check?
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