Silent updates

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Silent updates

Post by riftforce » Fri May 10, 2013 12:22 pm

I have found that when my calendar program updates to the latest version, it frequently asks me to configure my e-mail and text information for reminders. I have set these reminders every time and use the settings on a regular basis, so I know they work. I would like to see the program have a configuration file or something that it can write the information to and then just use that file for the next version instead of having to ask me for it every update.

Another request is to allow me to have a permanent preference configuration set for the semi-transparent calendar that shows up on the desktop. It clutters my desktop and is annoying when it shows up with all the other desktop features I currently run. I shut it down every time, but when an update comes through that asks me for the e-mail / text settings, that calendar appears and it always forgets other preference info such as default calendar, calendar settings, sync with Google, etc.

Please consider setting silent updates, or at least give us the option for silent updates. It's an excellent program and the programmers have done a great job with it, but if I want to know what version I'm working with, then I'll go find out. Otherwise, if the program just updates in the background and I can continue using it, I'm happy.

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Re: Silent updates

Post by VueSoft » Fri May 10, 2013 9:58 pm

Hi riftforce, thank you for the feedback. VueMinder saves all its configuration settings in a file named "ProgramSettings.xml". This file is located in the folder where VueMinder saves its data. The path can be opened via the Program Options. Click the folder button on the right side of the "Data folder" field. This file contains your email and SMS settings, desktop calendar display preference, and many other settings.

When VueMinder is updated, the ProgramSettings.xml file should not be affected. The new version should preserve all your previous settings. I’m not sure why you’re seeing different behavior. When you update, are you using a 3rd part tool, such as Revo Uninstaller, to remove the previous version? If so, that would explain the problem. The update installer will take care of removing the previous version and updating to the latest. There’s no need to do it manually.

As for making the update process more automated, I have this on my list of planned improvements. Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions.
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