Combine reminder and "run a program"

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Combine reminder and "run a program"

Post by Pastafarian » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:43 am


I'd like to suggest combining reminder functionality with the "run a program" event action. That way, provided that the program is also passed some event data, it would be easy (with some programming skills) to add very special reminders. To make my point clear, here's what I need to do:
  • I have an online calendar for project group coordination; it is read-only (it's part of a content management system)
  • our project members should receive mail reminders on events in that calendar, but the list of receipients depends on the nature of the event; for example, some events are only relevant to group leaders while others need everybody's attention
  • as I cannot configure such selective mail reminders in the content system itself, I'd like to use VueMinder as a relay:
    • first I'm going to subscribe VueMinder to the online calendar and define the hypothetical program-running reminder as a default
    • when it is time to remind people of an event, it will then run a script or program (provided by me) that analyzes the event, determines the receipients and sends the mails away; for that of course it is necessary to pass the event information to the program/script
    • the type of event or the addressee could simply be encoded into the event title/summary, for example [Leaders],[Everybody] etc.
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Re: Combine reminder and "run a program"

Post by VueSoft » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:58 pm

Hi Alex, thank you for the suggestion. I'll keep this in mind for future development. In the meantime, you might consider using the existing functionality within VueMinder. You could define distribution lists for each of the different types of events. For example, one distribution list could just contain group leaders, while another distribution list could contain all contacts. Contacts can be imported using the "Import -> Contacts" command on the File menu. Distribution lists can be defined using the "New -> Distribution List" command on the File menu.

Next, open the Calendar Properties for the subscribed calendar. On the Event Defaults tab, configure it to send an email reminder to whatever distribution list will be the most commonly used. When a new event is added, it will pick up the default email reminder and distribution list. If you need to override the default distribution list, open the event and edit the email reminder as needed. It should just be a matter of picking a different distribution list from the drop-down on the "Recipients" tab of the email reminder settings. Even though the calendar is a read-only subscription, you can still edit the reminder settings, and these settings won't be overwritten when the calendar subscription is synced.

I hope that helps. Thanks again for the suggestion and please let me know if you think of any other improvements you'd like.
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Re: Combine reminder and "run a program"

Post by Pastafarian » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:15 am

Hi Dan,

of course I can set the distribution lists manually, it's only a bit more work and I have to keep an eye on events added by others. It's not a big problem by now, VueMinder is nevertheless the most powerful calendar software I've ever used. The mentioned functionality would just be nice to have to get things automated. Thanks for considering the idea.


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