Google events become tasks in VM

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Google events become tasks in VM

Post by NormC » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:52 am

I have a single Google calendar in My Calendars. I do not use Google for tasks, just VM.

Today I noticed that the Google calendar now appeared in the My Tasks list, and all of the events in the calendar were being treated by VM as events, with many of them overdue because they had not been dismissed previously.

Dragging the calendar back to My Calendar did not change the tasks back to events from VM's perspective. The solution was to delete the calendar from VM then add it again as a Google calendar. No damage had been done to the Google calendar itself.

The problem occurred using V10.1.8, but a few months ago I experienced the same problem with an earlier release.

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Re: Google events become tasks in VM

Post by VueSoft » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:09 pm

Hi NormC, thank you for the feedback. I'm not sure what happened to cause the event calendar to become a task calendar. I'll investigate further. Please let me know if you see it happen again. Also, it would be helpful to know if you see the problem happen after performing a specific action, such as opening the Calendar Properties.
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