Can't add Events - "Error Processing Date/Time"

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Can't add Events - "Error Processing Date/Time"

Post by RedMonkey » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:30 am


I have just downloaded VueMinder Lite (10.1.8) and having a problem adding events through the 'New Event" window, I can add events directly in the calendar in the "click to add an event" box; however these events don't have a specific time associated to them as they are added as all day events.

When creating a new event from in the "New Event" window (or even trying to change an 'All day event' into an event with a time) I get the following error when I try to save it:
Error Processing Date/Time
An error occurred processing the specified date or time. The value was 09/04/2013 3:00: PM.

A valid format would be 09/04/2013 2:09: PM.
This happens for both the start and finish time (i.e. two of the above dialogs)

I have tried changing the date format on the calendar to the different options but still get the same error.

The interesting thing is that if for example I have the start time at 3:00 PM and the finish time at 4:00PM when the error appears it changes the finish time to 3:00 PM and displays the above error.
The time in the error above (2:09: PM.) is the computer time the error appeared.

Another interesting thing is that I can't select the time from the drop down lists. The various times appear in the drop down list, however when I click on the time it does nothing.

I have tried looking on this forum for similar problems but can't see any solution, any help would be appreciated as I quite like this program.

FYI am running Windows 7 Home Premium (Version 6.1) with Service Pack 1 and based in Europe so using European time formats.

I tried attached a small JPEG screenshot but kept getting an error.


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Re: Can't add Events - "Error Processing Date/Time"

Post by VueSoft » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:05 am

Hi RedMonkey, welcome to the forums. Please try this:
1. Exit VueMinder by right-clicking its icon in the task tray and selecting "Exit".
2. In the Control Panel, go to "Clock, Language, and Region".
3. Click "Change the date, time, or number format".
4. Make sure the format you have selected is the correct format for your country.
5. Click the "Additional settings" button and then click the "Reset" button.
6. Click OK to close the Region and Language window.
7. Restart VueMinder.

Does that fix it?
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Re: Can't add Events - "Error Processing Date/Time"

Post by RedMonkey » Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:52 am

Hi Dan

That seemed to fix the problem by reseting the computer time format.


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