How do I set up my individual, group and ical diaries pls?

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How do I set up my individual, group and ical diaries pls?

Post by AOSB » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:58 am

We have 6 users on a Windows network in our office and a consultant who works from another office in a different town. What we want is an individual diary each and a group diary which is a read/write share for all 7 of us. The individual diaries are read/write for the owner and read only for everyone else. We will be using Ultimate if we can get it to work the way we need it. I have set up one of the Office PCs at the server and made an Ical Private Server. At the moment it all seems to be connected but ALL the diaries have ALL the entries. I have obviously set it up all wrong. Also how do you make an event "Private". Sorry but all this is just barely in my comfort zone. Regards AOSB

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Re: How do I set up my individual, group and ical diaries pl

Post by VueSoft » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:00 pm

Hi AOSB, welcome to the forums. It sounds like you're using the iCalendar (ics) publish and subscribe feature of VueMinder. When a calendar is subscribed to an ICS file location, the calendar will be read-only. It will have write access if the calendar is also configured to be published to the same ICS file location. See the "Publish" and "Subscribe" tabs in the Calendar Properties. ... #subscribe

Based on what you described, each user should have their own calendar defined which is published (not subscribed) to a shared folder or the server. Each user should publish to their own ICS file in the shared folder. The other users can view (read-only) the other users' calendars by adding subscriptions to each ICS file in the shared folder. Subscriptions can be added by using the "Add Calendar Subscription" command on the File menu.

For the group diary, all users would both publish and subscribe to the same ICS file location for that calendar, meaning it would be read/write for all users. In other words, on both the Publish and Subscribe tabs of the Calendar Properties for the group calendar, the ICS file path should be the same, for all users.

The publish/subscribe feature can be confusing. If what I wrote above is unclear, another option would be to use VueMinder Server, which provides a more intuitive mechanism for assigning user permissions. See the link below for instructions:

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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