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Google Synch

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:08 pm
by daheeper
UGGGG! What am I doing wrong? I have tried everything to get Google Calendar to snch. I have reinstalled VueMinder,used 5 different Google accounts, refreshed and waited; and yes, I even RTFMed.

This is what I am currently doing (I have tried many different combination:

1) I shut down all firewalls.
2) I created a VeuMinder calendar called TEST and added a few events before and after today.
3) I created a Google Calendar called TEST and added a few events on the Google calendar.
Then I tried synching.
VueMinder says it snchd with Google, but it didn't.

I have tried combination after combination (creating a caledndar with the same name in Google and VueMinder,making the snch 1-way,2way: every possible combination)

I just can't get this to work.

Re: Google Synch

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:15 pm
by VueSoft
Hi daheeper. Based on the steps you've described, I think the two calendars aren't matching up because they were created separately in both VueMinder and Google Calendar. Typically, when adding an existing Google Calendar to VueMinder, you should start by not already having the same calendar name defined in VueMinder.

Please try these steps, and let me know if you have any better luck:

1. Delete the calendar in VueMinder named TEST.

2. Go to the File menu and select "Add Google Calendar".

3. A list of your Google Calendars will be shown. Select the calendar named TEST from the list on the left, and then click the "Add Calendar" button on the right. Also make sure the sync frequency is set to "Automatically" and the sync direction is set to "2-way".

4. You should see the calendar is added to your list and events defined in the Google Calendar named TEST should show up in VueMinder. This may take a few seconds. If you don't see any events added, there could be a filter that is preventing them from appearing. On the View menu, select "Show All Events". This will clear any filters. If you STILL don't see the synced events, then something's not working correctly.

5. Assuming you can see your synced events, you can test that newly created events will correcty sync. To do this, create a new event belonging to the TEST calendar in VueMinder. Within about 10 seconds, the calendar should automatically sync (assuming you kept all the default sync settings). Refresh the web page in Google Calendar, and you should see the event appear (Google Calendar doesn't automatically refresh!). Next, do the opposite and create a new event in Google Calendar belonging to TEST. You should see it automatically appear in VueMinder within a few seconds, with no refresh required.

The following article describes these steps in better detail: ... eturnid=61

Note, I'm assuming you're using the Pro version. If you're using the Lite version, syncing is only performed in 1 direction (from Google Calendar to VueMinder). If you add events to the Lite version, they'll never appear back in your Google Calendar because syncing isn't 2-way. This capability is only present in the Pro version. Just one more reason to upgrade! 8-)

Re: Google Synch

Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:23 pm
by daheeper
Almost there! Thanks Dan!

That fixed the problem,but now I have another slight problem:

How do I get my old events from VueMinder into Google. New events (in either direction) show up with no problem.

I really am only interested in getting VueMinder old events into Google as I am just starting to use Google Calendar (and that is really only so I can use Google Calendar as a conduit. I want to use Google on my iPhone to add events to my VueMinder-that is ,ahem <cough,cough>,until a VueMinder native iPhone app shows up).

BTW-of course I'm using the Pro version-VueMinder is the best Calendar program by far!

Dan, thanks for the prompt and helpful info!

I just used my iPhone and created a event in my Google Calendar. Set my iPhone down,looked at VueMinder, and it was there!

Re: Google Synch

Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:40 pm
by VueSoft
There is a bug in 7.2.1 where events created in VueMinder sometimes won't sync with Google Calendar, if Google Calendar sync is not enabled for the calendar until after the events have been created. Newly created events will sync, but old ones won't. This has been fixed for the next version, which will be released very soon. In the meantime, you could try to force the old events to sync by right-clicking the calendar name and selecting "Share Calendar -> Sync Calendar". This will command a manual sync with Google Calendar.

If some of your events in VueMinder occurred more than 60 days ago, those won't sync with Google Calendar (this is to make syncing faster). If you need older events to sync, right-click the calendar and select "Calendar Properties". Go to the "Google Calendar" tab, and then increase the cutoff for old events that won't sync.

If neither of these help make the old events sync, there is a brute force way to solve it, and that's to open each event and change something about it, like in the description (or something else that would be artbitrary). Events are time-tagged when modified, and these time tags are used when VueMinder determines which events need to sync with Google Calendar, by comparing current time tags to the time of the most recent sync. In other words, by modifying old events, you can force their time tags to update so they'll start syncing with Google Calendar.

I hope that helps!

Re: Google Synch

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:18 pm
by daheeper

Thanks Dan!

Re: Google Synch

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:13 pm
by VueSoft
A number of Google Calendar syncing bugs have been corrected in version 7.3, which is now officially released. This includes a correction for the bug described above.